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NEXT LEVEL began its journey in early 2018 after acquiring an existing company; with the aim of presenting innovative ideas to the widest variety of local and international institutions.

More than 420 services have been provided to 100+ entities among ministries and private sector organizations.
However, our focal point has never been numbers, we’d rather mind the diversity of ideas that serve the vision and needs of our customer by the highest local and global standards, therefore, we eagerly obtained the finest quality certificates in our field of work.

NEXT LEVEL is led by a passionate, ambitious group of Saudi youth and international experts, devoting their efforts and expertise to create a different customer experience. We outshine by our dedication to our homeland, as we harmonize with its costumes and traditions, and we are keen to grasp into these standards with every project we work on.


OUR VISION is to become the leading creative one-stop-shop company in event management and development, for organizations of various sectors seeking original, distinctive solutions.

Why Us?

We acknowledge that we wont have a second chance once we reach the EXECUTING STAGE. Thus, we ALWAYS obtain a clear vision of our destination before we take off. We set our compass, we build a precise plan, we brain-storm, imagine and create, we EXECUTE up to perfection before we finally hand the thorough, fully-detailed report.

We work with true honesty, commitment and transparency, as we provide attentive direction towards your success. We integrate with your team and weave memories of success, until we breathe life into your dreams.

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